Along the Riviera Maya

On the next trip we visit the ancient archeological site in Tulum. Tulum is located south of Cancun. It is the only Mayan archaeological site right on the coast. There is also a pleasant beach embedded in historic scenery. In the 13th and 14 Century Tulum was one of the largest cities on the Yucatan Peninsula.


Only a few kilometers from Tulum there is located the Tankah Ecological Park. Tankah is a settlement of the present-day Maya inside the tropical rainforest. In addition to visiting a traditional Mayan village here you can drive with jeeps through the jungle or swim in a cenote. One of the highlights there is certainly the ride on a zip line above the cenote.


The aim of the penultimate tour are the cenotes themselves. Cenotes are underwater caves, which exist only on the Yucatan Peninsula. For the Maya they were important for survival as drinking water storage. Certain trees in the jungle still today show the way to the cenotes, because their roots extend into the underground water courses. One way to explore the cenotes is a visit of Hidden Worlds. Hidden Worlds is a Cenote Adventure Park north of Tulum. Here you can snorkel in different cenotes and explore the underworld of the Maya.

Hidden Worlds

The last tour on the Yucatan Peninsula is a visit of the aquarium park Xel-Ha. The lagoon of Xel-Ha is considered as the largest natural aquarium in the world. The lagoon has an opening to the sea. That results in a mingling of the freshwater of the cenotes with the salt water of the Caribbean. You can watch it while snorkeling. But not only this is worth seeing under the water surface. Here you can swim with various kinds of fishes of the Caribbean, such as with stingrays or dolphins. You can also watch Manatees here. Outside the water there are also other attractions, which make a day at Xel-Ha to an experience.


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