Ancient sights on the Turkish Riviera

Along the coast of the Turkish Riviera there are several sights within the ancient Pamphylian landscape. This region on the central south coast of Anatolia stretches from Antalya to the Taurus Mountains.

Aspendos on the Turkish Riviera

One of these sights is the ancient theater of Aspendos.

Side on the Turkish Riviera

Other attractions are the old town of Side with the Temple of Apollo right on the harbor and the ancient city of Myra with its rock-cut tombs in a Lycian necropolis. Myra is known as a place of pilgrimage because of thence originating Nicholas of Myra.

Myra on the Turkish Riviera

Another tour takes you to Kekova, a small island on the Lycian coast near the city of Demre. On the north side of the island are partly sunken ruins of the ancient city Dolikhiste. The trip to Kekova leads along many small islands with ruins that protrude partially out of the water.

Kekova on the Turkish Riviera

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