Around Alanya

Alanya is probably the most popular holiday destination along the Turkish Riviera for many European tourists.

Alanya on the Turkish Riviera

The spots shown in the videos are the reason to attract many tourists every year. The highlights are the castle, with a magnificent view of the Cleopatra beach and the open sea, and the harbor. From here daily start many boat tours along the coast.

Alanya Boat Tour

But even the surrounding area has plenty to offer. There are especially the Dimcay, with its restaurants in the middle of the river water, and the Dim Cave, one of the most important caves of Turkey.

Dimcay on the Turkish Riviera

The Dim Cave has all the year constant temperatures and a healing effect for respiratory diseases.

Dim Cave on the Turkish Riviera

Close to Alanya you will find yet another tourist attraction, the beautiful bay of Incekum.

Incekum on the Turkish Riviera

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