On the Gulf of Aqaba in Sinai

The documentation Sinai takes you on a journey to the tourist attractions of the Sinai Peninsula.

Naama Bay

The journey begins in Naama Bay, near Sharm el Sheikh in the south of the peninsula. Naama Bay is the most important tourist region of southern Sinai, which has both day and evening something to offer. Because of the atmosphere, especially at night and the many hotels, bars, nightclubs and casinos Naama Bay is also often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Sinai. After Naama Bay, the journey continues to Nabq Bay further north at the junction of the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aqaba.

Nabq Bay

In the Nabq Bay is a very wide coral reef, just across jetties you can reach the outer reef. The longest jetty has a length of 600 meters. A similar attraction is the Blue Hole, not because of the width of the reef, but because of the depth. At a collapsed ceiling of the coral reef, divers may reach a depth of about 70 meters, but this is not entirely harmless.

Blue Hole

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