South and West of Crete

Here you get to know the south coast of Crete. The tour begins at the Askifou plateau and ends on the coast of Frangokastello. On the bicycle will be traveled 40 km and 800 meters downhill with a view of the beautiful rocky landscape of Crete.

Bicycle Tour to the South Coast of Crete

Slightly untypical for Crete is the peninsula Gramvousa in the extreme northwest of Crete. Gramvousa also includes the two islands Imeri Gramvousa and Balos. Imeri Gramvousa is a former pirate island. From the Venetian fortress on the summit of the island, you have a fantastic panoramic view of Gramvousa and the neighboring island of Balos. This island is best known for its lagoon, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Gramvousa on Crete

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