The Hallig islands in the North German Wadden Sea

From the islands in the North German Wadden Sea you can reach the Hallig islands by boat. The Hallig islands are raised only a few meters above sea level, which is why they are flooded at heavy flood. The only protection for the residents are mounds of earth, which are called Warften.

Hallig island Langeness

The journey takes you to the Hallig islands Langeness and Hooge. A visit to Hooge is worth especially in spring. Then you can watch Brent geese, before they fly back to their Arctic home.

Hallig island Hooge

At the end of the journey you can join a walk across the mudflats between the Hallig islands Hooge and Norderoog. Norderoog is a breeding and resting place for many rare sea birds and may not be entered during the breeding season.

Hallig island Norderoog

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