The Sinai desert

We not only visit the sea but also the inner part of the country.

Bedouin Safari

You can take part to a trip to the Firan oasis, the largest oasis in Sinai, where you meet the traditional life of the desert inhabitants.

Feiran Oasis

Another highlight is a trip to the Nabq protected area. Here is the northernmost mangrove forest in the world. The clear air allows a view from here up to Saudi Arabia.

Nabq Protected Area

The trip continues to the Coloured Canyon with a side trip to the port of Nuweiba.

Nuweiba on the Gulf of Aqaba

The Coloured Canyon was ages ago once under water, so that in the different colored stones today you can see imprints of corals. Come on an adventurous tour through the canyon.

Coloured Canyon

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